Friday, January 29, 2010

Sick and out.

Hey Everyone,

I was out sick for these passed few weeks....well more like me for a few days then my son and then me again.


When my son gets sick I don't get enough it took me a while to come back.

Aside from that the small laptop I usually use is down and out for the son has continuously drop it so many times the poor thing is out for a long I have to use this bigger laptop that takes up so much room. x.x

Some of my friends where asking me if I put gel on my son's hair. This kind of surprised me because I thought most babies have crazy hair like my son. Apparently not every child does. I don't put gel on my baby, I just put a little bit of baby oil on his hair. I still remember that my mom would put baby oil on me. Greasy?...a bit.

<--- One more picture before I say some possibly bad news.




So my hubby decided to chop our baby's hair. I say chop because our son was flipping out and it looked kind of chopped that day.

I don't think anyone can tell how choppy it looks but it did look choppy for about two weeks.

I think my poor baby was upset for a while.


He looks sort of sad in this pictures.

Oh yeah my son got an early birthday gift from his grandma (my mommy <3>


He loves it very much.

He looks like he has two little horns....

I seriously need to baptism him.
Oh this reminds me the other day I was looking through my camera and found a video when my son was about five months old. I think I almost cried. He seems so least to me he one though he was five months...he seemed older to everyone else.

Any who I'll be updating much more now. I love sharing my thought and pictures.

Thank you for reading.

~Bubbles and Kisses~
o0o Carina o0o

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year

Hey Everyone,

It's a new year and a new opportunity to start fresh....or at least to make
changes in your life if you feel that you need them. With all honesty I know I need changes in my life. For one I need to head back to school, the only reason why I took this break was to concentrate on my son. He means the world to me but I know I need to get back to school. For this coming year and the rest that follow I need and want to learn how to juggle my son, my schoolwork, my hubby, family and anything else needed. The day I knew I was pregnant I knew nothing would be so easy, a baby is never easy even when you read and try to prepare yourself for one.

I want and need to go back to finish up my major and most likely get my masters.

Like my mom says
"Ponte las pilas" ( "Put on your batteries")....that's what I need to do. I have a feeling it won't be this Spring Semester though so if all goes well I'll be returning in the Summer Semester.

So I'll be using my time from now to them to try to read and study as much material as I can.

To be completely honest this is my main goal for this coming years.

On New Years eve I dressed my son with yellow and white....I was planning on dressing him up but my mom says that yellow and white on New Years brings you wealth and health so she told me to change him....being the daughter that I am I pleased her and changed him....He seemed to enjoy the change.


....I worn a pretty black and white dress....I didn't have anything yellow


but I worn white?



but I didn't take any pictures of myself....I sort of forgot.


But I wore the same dress I wore when my hubby asked my to marry him. He completely forgot about it until an whole two hours later... after he drank a little....he seems to remember more w
hen he drinks

^ ^;;

Random baby pictures--->

I find it funny that my son always wakes up with
his hair all hubby plays around and calls him Gohan



Thanks for reading.


~Bubbles and Kisses~

o0o Carina o0o