Friday, January 29, 2010

Sick and out.

Hey Everyone,

I was out sick for these passed few weeks....well more like me for a few days then my son and then me again.


When my son gets sick I don't get enough it took me a while to come back.

Aside from that the small laptop I usually use is down and out for the son has continuously drop it so many times the poor thing is out for a long I have to use this bigger laptop that takes up so much room. x.x

Some of my friends where asking me if I put gel on my son's hair. This kind of surprised me because I thought most babies have crazy hair like my son. Apparently not every child does. I don't put gel on my baby, I just put a little bit of baby oil on his hair. I still remember that my mom would put baby oil on me. Greasy?...a bit.

<--- One more picture before I say some possibly bad news.




So my hubby decided to chop our baby's hair. I say chop because our son was flipping out and it looked kind of chopped that day.

I don't think anyone can tell how choppy it looks but it did look choppy for about two weeks.

I think my poor baby was upset for a while.


He looks sort of sad in this pictures.

Oh yeah my son got an early birthday gift from his grandma (my mommy <3>


He loves it very much.

He looks like he has two little horns....

I seriously need to baptism him.
Oh this reminds me the other day I was looking through my camera and found a video when my son was about five months old. I think I almost cried. He seems so least to me he one though he was five months...he seemed older to everyone else.

Any who I'll be updating much more now. I love sharing my thought and pictures.

Thank you for reading.

~Bubbles and Kisses~
o0o Carina o0o

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  1. Awww, at least your son's hair is growing in pretty quick - he looks cute in the last picture and happy :)
    I'm glad you managed to get over your cold and your son too.