Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I brought a few things <3

Hey Everyone,

I completely thought I lost my camera a few days ago...but my son threw it under the couch in the living room.

^ ^;;

He seems to really like throwing stuff everywhere...signs of things to come?


My son loves watching certain commercials. I mean loves. Once it comes on he immediately turns to look at it. It's the funniest thing in the world.

He could be playing or nearly sleeping and if one of those commercial pops up... he's total attention is on it. Once it's done he goes back to whatever he was doing. If I even try to block he's view he turns until he could see it.


<-- This is how he got when I blocked him to take a picture. It's the cutest pictures. <33

So I ordered a few things about a week ago, I just got them today. Well...a friend of mine has been raving about IQQU products. She loves them so much she told me I should try them. When IQQU had their Black Friday sale I ordered a few of their products. I'm not using them just yet, but I will very soon....I need to finish the creams I have now. I don't like switch it without finishing the ones I'm using now....though it is tempting.

I love watching Michelle Phan's
videos. I love them, but I never gotten around to actually trying her products...the packaging seems great but I have to test the actual product....hopefully it's not disappointing....

I also purchased a few coastal Scents products...the color corrector, concealer and a few gel liners

I've been mixing the color corrector with my Mac concealer...which seems to work for me....I dunno if that's how it is used....I doubt it.

Anyways...I'll get on the IQQU products soon...I don't want to get too excited though.


Thanks for reading.

~Bubbles and Kisses~
o0o Carina o0o


  1. you make me want to try those products!

  2. You have a really cute son!
    How many months he is?

    I have never been in New friend living there....but I been in Mexico few times,it's beautiful,but not so safe.

    Have a wonderful week! This is one of the most beautiful one in the whole year!
    Merry Christmas!


  3. Awww, Carina your son is sooo cute!! I love his spikey bed head hair. And it does sound so adorable about him being crazy for certain commercials LOL
    Wow, good thing you found your camera. I'd freak out a little if I thought I lost mine :\
    Great haul by the way. Looking forward to your review of the IQQU products :)
    Have a lovely Holidays and a Fantastic New Years! xo

  4. Have a wonderful week! This is one of the most beautiful one in the whole year!

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