Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's really cold. x.X

Oh my goodness today is so cold. I was suppose to go to my soccer game today but it was too cold to take my son out...I don't want him to get sick, if he does then I'm the one caring for him all night.


Not the easiest thing to do. My son weighs about 25 lbs and his only 10 months...well three more days until he's 10 months but still...not easy to carry a baby boy that doesn't want to lie down because he has a fever. Thankfully that only has happen twice since he was born. The doctor says he's very healthy and strong, though I know this already because he hits to hard. Either way I bundled him up and took him outside for a short while because we were hungry and needed to buy something.

He seemed to be more than happy to leave the house...His daddy was sleeping in still...he was out with the guys last night


so he seems to think he can sleep all day



I love my neighborhood Little Italy of the Bronx, everyone is always friendly. The bakeries are so wonderful. I love the smell of baked bread, it makes my mouth water. <3 I brought issue of Marie Claire today just 'cuz I felt like reading something. I haven't been able to buy a book for like about a year. Actually I'm thinking about going to Union Square to go to Forever 21, Sephora, Babies "R" Us and Barnes and Noble. I've save up to go too, hopefully the Sephora there has Fekkai's Luscious Curls and Living Proof's No Frizz Wave Shaping, Curl Defining Styling cream.


Anyways thank you for reading.


~Bubbles and Kisses~

o0o Carina o0o

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  1. aww he's cute and so are you! i like reading about family life because i don't have any kids yet : /

    stay warm xoxo