Friday, December 11, 2009

Just a Few Cute Thoughts...sort of... <3

Hey Everyone,

It's so cold today, it feels like it's under 10 degrees Fahrenheit,

colder than yesterday.
So cold that my mom and hubby told me to stay home...the store seem to be too cold because the heater is acting funny...No one in this house wants my baby to get sick...he very....very loud...I mean very loud. My-ears-hurts load....


The other day I was watching so many "What's in my purse" videos and thought I have so of those stuff but I also have diapers, wipes and other baby I played around with my hubby and said maybe I should do a "What's in my purse (Mommy Edition)".


I also told him about DulceCandy's "Outfit of the day" and said I should do a "Baby outfit of the day."

I thought it was cute but I highly doubt anyone would watch it.


I might just do it for the hell of one of those videos that your kids watch when they get older and be like "Mom put that away it's embarrassing!"

Hehe....but anyways my sons seems to always like pre-bathtime fun. He laughs so hard when my hubby or bro play with him when I'm setting up the baby tub. It's way to cute no to take know what I think I know why my mom has so many baby pictures of my brother and I...I love taking pictures of my boy. I also love buying him stuff so much. I know that if I go out and see a super cute outfit for my son I buy it...even if I have plans to buy myself something I always chose him over me.

You know Christmas in New York looks beautiful. I hope to go to Manhattan sometime soon to take pictures and buy a few things. I just like going for no real reason. Their are these super cute mini tent store type thingys setup in Bryant Park and in Union Square. They sell clothes and other cute things...Christmas decorations too!

Anyways, thanks reading!

~ Bubbles and Kisses ~

o0o Carina o0o

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  1. Awwww, your son is so adorable! I know what you mean about wanting to always take pictures of your son. I'm not a "Mom" but I have a pet guinea pig and gerbil and they're the cutest things ever to me. I have sooo many videos and photos of them ;)
    Yah, you should definitely do a what's in your purse Mommy Edition ;) I'm always interested in what people have in their purse!